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The machine above is a Tamper BEB-17 stone regulator.  It pushes and sweeps stone along the right of way of the track.


Ballast Regulator   Mark IV Tamper          Tie Handler              TR-10 Inserter

Above pictures is a CAT 0916 being repaired.  A crane was used to lift the machine during an axle repair.

Crane lifting another crane

Two pictures of a crane being lifted by another crane and mechanic checking for needed repairs.  The picture on the right is a Kershaw on track brush cutter being loaded on a truck trailer.


Plasser Model 500 regulator being revamped                        Kershaw Regulator Model 26-2-2M

                                                                                                     Preparing to remove transmission


Kershaw Regulator Model 26-2-2M            Modification on Plasser 500 Regulator

Removing Transmission


Preparing to remove boom from a

Pettibone Model 30 crane

Mechanic doing a little inspection after

boom has been removed.

   Mechanics work is never done

on the railroad.